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Feb. 5th, 2010


Oh shi-- I think the baby's coming!

[The Philippine's stress levels have not been so great lately, but an encounter with Nazi!America proved her wrong in thinking that they weren't terrible for her and the baby's health. Now she's resting in the infirmary after having contractions, America staying beside her. The doctors simply told her to rest after making her drink three cups of juice and that they would monitor her health.

She wakes up after having a bit of a wet sensation, and looks down embarrassed at the bed.]

Um...I think I wet myself after all that juice.

[The nurse on hand looks and points out a tinge of red discharge that's also in the wet spot. She tells Bing she didn't pee, but that her water must have broke, and that she shouldn't be alarmed about the bloody show as it is normal.]

Oh...wait, WHAT?!
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Jan. 25th, 2010


Log with America [Mature content inside]

Eloping, Part IICollapse )

Log with America [Mature content inside]

Summary of previous events: The Philippines found out that America was cheating on her with Russia in a friendship that went from a bromance to physical hurt/comfort and strong love while she was planning for the wedding. She confronted him about it, and rather than choosing to leave him and break off the engagement, America worked hard to make it up to her. She forgave him, but was still greatly stressed about everything, quickly heading towards a mental breakdown. Seeing this and fearing for her health and the baby's safety (as well as his own fears regarding his future father-in-law), America came with a solution.

They will elope, getting help from Russia (who, oddly enough, became close to the couple as a result of Bing's discovery) in providing a distraction as they board a plane to LA. From there, they'll board a cruise to Hawaii, and marry at dusk in a Catholic chapel on board, spending the rest of the trip as their honeymoon. When they return and their daughter is born, they will have a proper wedding with the family.

On to the actual trip to the ship and the first night before the weddingCollapse )

Sep. 5th, 2009

flag pride!

[OOC] Profile Rework

Because of the retcon and my way of playing changing, I decided to re-write the Philippines' profile.

Nation's Name: Republika ng Pilipinas (Republic of the Philippines)
Capital: Manila
Language: Filipino (Tagalog*), English
Birthday (Independence Day): June 12th
National flower: Arabian Jasmine (Sampaguita)
Human name: Isobella "Bing" Matapang (y de la Cruz)
Height: 150cm (approx. 4ft 11)
Age: 17 in appearance

More under; sorry for forgetting the cut, f-listCollapse )
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Aug. 28th, 2009

Kid Bing

(no subject)

The How's My Driving? Meme

Yeah, it's that time again...

Aug. 22nd, 2009


...Wait, wut?

I didn't know I was so popula---wait, England didn't name me! And I did not date Daddy!

Hey, I'm dating America?! ♥ ♥ ♥

[ooc: The Philippines was named for King Philip II of Spain, the British period is a brief stint in history in which I head-canon as Arthur pretending to be baby sitting, China has rocky relations with her and HK recently said something that hurts Bingo's pride rather badly by calling her a "nation of servants", so that he's not as high on her list of favorite people as he perhaps once was.]

Aug. 12th, 2009


Relationships chart, take 2

This time, I'm using notanormand's method, 'cause the DR is only about five times as big as when I made the old one. So yeah, if you want to know how the muse and the mun think about your character, just comment and she'll let you know.

So yeah, I'll just be in my ...um...yes.

On notanormand


When she first saw him upon arriving (again) to HQ, he was a little boy that somehow already knew her by her nickname. He was really upset when she couldn't remember him, but she welcomed the friendship and is glad that they can be close. She admires his fighting spirit and adores him like a little brother. His relationship with Kiku is something she delights in seeing, even if they're both so bashful about it, and it makes her long for a love affair of her own.

She's also grateful to have a friend that she can spar with without any harsher memories attached. She may not use melee fighting so much now, but she still really enjoys sparring with him.


Before she forgot about HQ, she enjoyed little England's company as an adventuring partner as a child, and found him adorable when she grew up again. She had slight suspicions that Arthur may have had a crush on her, but didn't want to encourage them as she still has her thing for America.

England is my favorite Hetalia character, and I adore yours. I normally am not big on UK/Jp, but you two make it so cute, I can't help it. She's a huge sucker for romance (seriously, look at the top domestic films in the Philippines; most of them are rom-coms) Bing is gonna continue to tease you two until they're more open about their relationship.

On reino_de_espana


Her father figure, at least one of a few. Her separation from him was sad and bitter, but she's happy that they've reconciled. The last time she saw him, it was a little tearful, so next time she should cook for him, or maybe dance like they did when she was little~


I believe I've only rped with you once as the Philippines, but I know my muse really wants to see your Spain again. Just don't expect her to use Spanish readily; she already has two official languages and will not readily make Spanish into a third. She's also happy that she's gotten to talk with Spain about Rizal; I don't think she's ever spoken to a Spain about him since her revolution.

On littlengland


Awww, so cute! I was a little sad when your big brother grew up (though it's fun having a sparring buddy), so I was so excited to see another little England. If I weren't scared about what some of the less pleasant creatures would do, I'd pick up up and take you to my place to play in the forests with my friends. :3 Good luck with your little allies!


You're so cute, I struggle at times to not just have Bing fall into a puddle of moe squeals all the time. She still does it in her head, but she really tries hard to not be her like her father in that respect. She really loves kids and cute things, though she'll try to no vocalize it, and since she became friends with teen!England when he was as small as yours, he has a bit of a special place in her heart.

Also, Bing may de-age and join your alliance soon. She'll still be a bit older (12-ish), but still a kid nation.

Jul. 28th, 2009

Kid Bing

IRC log: aconquistador, myrepublic

Bit of background info; Portugal was fighting with Conquistador!Spain to take Romano away, and little colony!Philippines joined in the fray. Portugal gave up after getting attacked in his vital regions, but continues to try to at least would the Spaniard's pride. Woman!Turkiye was also there, trying to take away Spain's charges.


Jul. 19th, 2009


Meme times!

Your Hetalia Family by juniormint
Favorite Character
Country you live in
Sibling #1
Sibling #2
Best Friend

...So, Turkiye is my real father...and asexually reproduced and gave birth to me...The Swiss is my pet?



KOREA IS NOT MY LOVER! Th-that kiss was just because of that stupid game...

May. 31st, 2009

maid- ohgodwhy?

I'd be laughing if the ring of truth weren't so painful

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