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Republika ng Pilipinas

Land of the Morning, Child of the Sun returning with fervor burning.

Isobella "Bing" Matapang-dela Cruz
12 June

Nation's Name: Republika ng Pilipinas (Republic of the Philippines)
Capital: Manila
Language: Filipino (Tagalog*), English
Birthday (Independence Day): June 12th
National flower: Arabian Jasmine (Sampaguita)
Human name: Isobella "Bing" Matapang (y de la Cruz)
Height: 150cm (approx. 4ft 11)
Age: 17 in appearance


A friendly island nation in the South China Sea with a major identity complex. For most of it's history, it was under the control of Spain and America. It also has been under the control of England and Japan, briefly.

She enjoys eating, nature, making money, sleeping, shopping (especially for shoes and snacks) and social events. She has a particular fondness for America and Japan, but tries to get along with everyone.

The Philippines loves money, as she is a trading nation. She was briefly an industrial nation, but quickly sunk back to being third-world thanks to Marco. She tries to work very hard, but ends up being inpatient or lazy and chooses instead to go on some obviously doomed get-rich-quick scheme. The Philippines produces enough knock-offs and bootlegs to rival China.

Temper-wise, she's very sweet, but can be very quick to the attack. She took the words of one of America's presidents to heart, in a way; she speaks softly and carries a big stick...ok, she speaks loudly and carries two big escrima sticks. If you don't see her with these, you still have to watch out for the flipflops. Bing's wrath can be appeased with presents, food or any other entertaining distractions.